Natalie Kent Mosaics

I am a mosaic artist who has been making mosaics since 2015. I use a number of different techniques, designs and materials including glass, ceramic, gems, jewellery, recycled goods, buttons and even some silver!

My work is as diverse, ranging from portraits to abstract wall art. I welcome custom orders, so if you’re looking for a special gift or want to add some sparkle to your home, a mosaic could be just for you!

Below is my portfolio, I hope you enjoy it!

James Hetfield completed 2022 (Prints available on request)

Amy Winehouse complete 2021 (Prints available on request)
Totally Abstract (Prints available on request)
Mixed media feather, completed 2021
Bling bling rocking chair, completed 2016
The Buddha completed 2021
Ganesha completed 2020
Mixed media music note completed 2021