Natalie Kent Mosaics

​I am an independent mosaicist that has been making mosaics since 2015. I can create a variety of mosaics including portraits, murals, mixed media and abstract.

I use many different materials including ceramics, glass, gems, jewellery, recycled goods, buttons, junk from the street and even some silver.

I have a number of mosaics for sale on Etsy and I can also make personalised mosaics on order. 

If you like my work and want to see more then please follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Amy Winehouse – completed July 2021

Commissioned piece created in 2020 for my friends Mum who loves Ganesha and the colour green.

Mosaic rocking chair, completed 2018. This chair took me about 2 years to make as at the time of making it I had a pretty hectic life so couldn’t finish all in one go.

The chair belonged to my Nan who sadly passed away a few years ago. Ironically I completed the chair two weeks before she passed and was able to show her a picture of the finished product. She was very pleased! 😁.

It’s my most prized possession and no amount of money would ever make me sell it.

My biggest piece. 5″ tall, almost as big as me! I created this in lockdown 2020, mosaic kept me sane!

Retro Skull – made 2020. I actually made this skull as an experiment but it turned out pretty well.

Retro mixed media heart completed 2021. I really enjoy making these hearts!

I have also worked with other mosaicists on community projects, including school murals and teaching mosaic to children. I am happy to pass on the skills I have learnt, so if you are interested in learning mosaic yourself then please get in touch and we can discuss.

I am also available to help with community projects, so if you need assistance then please contact me for my rates.