Natalie Kent Mosaics

Natalie Kent Mosaics

I’m Natalie Kent, an emerging mosaic artist from London. All my mosaics are made to order and if you would like information regarding ideas and prices, please contact me via the above links. Please find my bio and portfolio below.

I discovered my passion for mosaics in 2015 when I was on a trip around Central America. I’ve always looked for new ideas to enhance my artistic skills and when I arrived in Honduras, I discovered mosaics. I stayed in a beautiful hotel covered in brightly coloured tiles, and seeing those fascinating pieces of coloured glass arranged so artistically around the hotel inspired me to begin my mosaic journey! What first started as a hobby has become my livelihood. I’ve taken a number of courses and self-taught, since then, have produced commissioned work for various clients. I’ve also worked with other mosaic artists on large pieces for public areas including schools, parks and train stations. My recent experience includes teaching children and adults while working on large community projects alongside them.

My first ever project was a rocking chair which I covered in small coloured glass pieces, and since then I’ve created over 50 different mosaics in a variety of different styles and materials. My work has always been extremely diverse and ranges from portraits, abstract, modern, mixed media and traditional mosaic. However, I’m always open to exploring new techniques, textures and styles, and I can’t wait to see my creations in many years to come!!

James Hetfield and Amy Winehouse created in 2021

Totally abstract, created 2021, the mosaic is 5ft tall

Abstract feather created 2021

The Buddha, created 2021

Ganesha created 2020

Magical music note created 2021

Heart collection created 2020-2021

Skull Collection created 2020

A collection of other mosaics I’ve created between 2020-2022